im lauren and i like cats and food

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I’m so ugly it makes me want to cry

Two bad nights in a row

There a really big difference between what guys think is right and what girls think is right



I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT awkward teenage girl who sorta wants a man but can’t really get one 

i feel this spiritually

It’s sucks when you have to go to work when you’d rather just spend your night crying

Oh but you’ll make time to talk to other girls.. That’s fine

What’s the point of a boyfriend if you can never talk to them..?

My toe hurts like a son of a bitch!


ummm zac efron at the mtv movie awards right now

what are u doing

why am i not there right now

im going to cry


In which Disney gives you incredibly wise relationship advice.


One does not simply go on Tumblr for ‘10 minutes’

I’m just gonna bullshit it.
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